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We are Big Littel Company

With a Vision to be the leading and the largest product MSS (manufacturer, Supplier and Service provider) in Ethiopia & Horn Africa. AND Being the first choice of customers for its variety and quality of products and services while setting standards for the industry.

With a Mission to provide efficient solutions for each sector in every need of a technological solution and Manufacturing & supplying of devices like IT systems, Telephone and Communications devices, Solar systems, Generator’s , Consumables & Supplies, CCTV Camera & Alarm systems.

IT & Telecom

Data networking, IP Telephony Unified Communications, Security, and Cloud computing.


G-LINK understands this market and the trends that drive consumer behavior.


Exporting the best quality Coffee, Oil Seeds, and Spices by sourcing from the most reliable vendors. 


TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER in Manufacturing and Assembling  of technology devices and equipment

Our Story

We are Big title company in the IT industry expanding to Export & Manufacturing Sector

With more than a decade of experience(using our sister company “Switch Com”), in innovating IT and technology devices and consumer electronics devices, platforms, and solutions.

G-LINK understands this market and the trends that drive consumer behaviour.

G-LINK partners with IT and technology companies to develop easily integrated multifunctional solutions that enhance the digital experience.
Our ability to leverage technology across verticals and combined with deep domain expertise in all —
which helps our customers meet their innovation and business goals.


Our Partners in IT & Telecom

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Amen Building, #1st Floor Urael to Atlas Rd.

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